Choosing Collage Picture Frames
collage picture frames

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Collage Picture Frames are a great way for you to decorate your home in a very personal manner.  Collage frames allow you to group together your photographs in a variety of creative ways all within one frame.

Picture collages allow you to display your photographs in an artistic way around a particular theme instead of having hundreds of different photos in individual frames dotted around your home.

Imagine a hundred pictures of your baby in that precious first year, but not the space to display them or the fact that they are hidden away in that beautiful baby album.  Yes the album may be beautiful but how many times do you get to look at it?  That’s right not too many, the first year with a new baby is quite busy!  Why not pick say, twelve photographs (one picture for each month of your babies first year) and display them on the wall in your babies room.  With a collage picture frame of your baby you will have created a beautiful memento of their first year and remember the beauty of a collage frame is that you can swap out the photographs at any time you want changing for the 2nd year, 3rd year and so on.

It doesn’t just have to be a babies room you could create a collage around any special occasion, a wedding, an anniversary, a special birthday or vacation maybe you just want to change the photographs in your collage as the seasons change or as you change the decorations within your room.  Whose to say you can just put photographs into your frames, a school collage of the photographs from each year in elementary school could have pieces of your child’s artwork in a couple of the frames or why not print out a favorite quote in a swirly font and add that to the mix.

collage picture frames

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Collage picture frames come in many different sizes and materials allowing you to co-ordinate them with the feel and type of display you would like to achieve for each room in your home. Some frames have spaces for one large picture and a group of smaller pictures and others are for pictures of the same size and shape, many are made of wood or metal and some are magnetic or acrylic, it is up to you to choose the size and type you would prefer for the project you are creating.

You can never have enough photographs and a perfect way to start displaying them all is with a one of a kind photo collage, created by you…

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Collage Using Instagram Free Template

collage_instagram_free_templateI have just finished reading how to make a Collage using Instagram Free Template  so I downloaded the template and had a go (results above.)



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Graduation Gift Ideas

First comes school, then comes graduation, then comes the panic, I need a gift idea asap….


Slow down breath… first stop graduation stationary, stamps, invitations, address labels, announcements, and do not get me started on the party stuff you’ll need…


I’m panicking now, and I’ve no need, my girl has already graduated and I’ve got a few years grace before the next one. 🙂

I came across this wonderful store which has most of your stationary needs sorted… click the pics below to be transported…

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Pet Photo Gifts – For the pooch who has everything

pet photo gifts

Pet Photo Gifts icon

What do you buy the pampered pooch who has everything?

… that’s an easy fix

their own framed picture with paw print…

add it to the family wall of fame (you all have one… right?)

Seriously, what  a wonderful christmas gift this would make for the pet lover in your life.

Want one…add_to_cart_blue_button

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

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Gift for the Bride and Groom

Mr and Mrs Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Frame for the Newlyweds 

When it comes to buying wedding gifts for the bride and groom you can’t go wrong with a picture frame.  Now a plain silver frame is all well and good but why not kick it up a notch and personalize your frame for the new Mr and Mrs. 🙂

Check out this beautiful and creative personalized frame (available in both black and white) which allows you to add the names, nicknames, new Mr and Mrs name plus the wedding date to make a one of a kind gift that will be treasured for years to come.




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Class Of 2012 Photo Frames

class 2012 photo frames

It’s hard to believe that tiny bundle of joy, that small mini me is about to go forth into the big bad world!

Graduation is fast approaching, college choices are being pondered, senior pictures are being taken.  I’ve lost count of the number of seniors I’ve spotted heading towards Brewster Gardens (a beloved photo spot in Plymouth for wedding photography) to have their senior portrait pictures taken.

Class of 2012 Picture Frames

Hope you all have a fantastic graduation day… time to start thinking of gift ideas!

P.S Don’t forget to check out the Special Offers (just below header image) to get Coupon Codes… because if you’re anything like me you will always be looking for the best deal. 🙂



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Funky Cool Modern Collage Picture Frames

Beautiful as well as unusual now that’s a winning combination… yep these are funky cool!

Modern Collage Picture Frames

Fits around a wall corner, these modern collage picture frames would look great going from your dining room to your living room or from your dining room to your kitchen … or why not live dangerously and do both. 😉

Super funky cool…don’t you think?

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